spring time mixtape

here's some of my favourite music at the moment. I really hope that you might not have heard of these songs yet. Most of them are New Zealand artists! 

This photo is my definition of spring. Spring is when the sailing season starts again properly and this was taken on one of my early morning walks to the yacht club for work. How I love living where I live, sunrises like this make me appreciate everything so much.

x harrri


So this is going to my last active post for a while. A month actually. I'm going on a big camp for a month
I'm going to have no internet, no phone, and no contact except letters + mail.

So I'm all sorted and have someone looking after my Instagram (thanks emily!!) and an automated email reply.

I'm not allowing any comments on the blog until I'm back, so that I can moderate them - so if you do comment, they will appear at the beginning of November.

I hope you all have a great month, please stay around - I've got lots of posts scheduled for you so you don't get bored!!
See you all on November 8th
xx harri