home peeks vol. 2

I hope you have all had a great week. I've had an exceptionally busy week with tests and stuff but I've had such a happy week since on monday I get my braces off!! So excited - I'll post a picture when they are off.

so here's what's been happening behind the scenes this month..

reading my new book: happy handmade home // making videos

so yes, this is what my room looks like when making a post - it is not tidy!! As you can also see I dont have the most high tech equipment. Don't you love the wood strapped to an old tripod with an iPhone balanced on the end!! Now you can imagine that when you watch a video. the joys!!

lip scrub containers // long spring walks

so the auckland weather was finally kind to us last sunday. So emily and I went for a long walk on our favourite beach - takapuna. Then we walked all around in the rocks to the next beach and took lots of photos! 

Now the lip scrub containers are for a school project. As a year 10 business student at my school, we participate in a market day project. Our group is making lip care products - including these lip scrubs. We also have lip balm and a night time treatment! We are so excited to sell them in a couple of weeks.

diying with emily // taking new photos

I've really been getting into my DIY's again this month - and now have a trusty assistant of emily. We both now just spend entire days together doing DIY. So much fun!!

see you next time
xx harri

Credits //  Author: Harri Wren. Photography: Emily + Harri Wren.

instax geo wall display // spring beach trip

hello everyone!
Today I have another super duper exciting instax post for you today.
I thought that this DIY I would make it a bit more personal - so I've based it around my trip to the beach with the lovely Emily, on sunday! We went to a local beach and walked around the rocks to the next one and it was so much fun!

On our journey we took instax photos and being outside - they came out so well!! We had the most amazing weather - by the end of the day I was in shorts! Hello Spring!!!
So today's diy is a gold geo wall display with instax!! Hope you enjoy.

let's get started...

you will need //
coloured paper (for the accent - I used gold) // balsa wood // scissors // glue // washi tape // instax prints

1 // Cut your accent paper into triangles that fit onto either end of your balsa wood (or any type of wood)

2 // glue your triangles onto the balsa wood like ^^

3 // Blu Tack your display onto the wall - this is when balsa wood is great, because its lightweight

4 // Using washi tape stick your instax prints onto your wood in any layout you choose

there you go!!
a very very easy wall display!!
xx harri

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, and all opinions expressed are my own. I was sent an instax mini 8 free of charge in return for a full collaboration feature including videos and crafts on vanilla craft blog. Many thanks to Maca @ Fuji Film NZ for sending me the camera to try out