14 Dec 2014

it's christmas // wrap it up

Welcome to round 2 of christmas on vanilla craft!! Can you believe it's only 10 days to christmas! That's pretty hard to believe...the last month of 2014 is flying by!!
So it's finally the summer holidays so I've got so much blogging planned since I'll have heaps of time!

Today I'm partnering with FUJI FILM to show you some christmas wrapping including a free printable!!!

So Fuji Film have this awesome website called FUJI FILM Imagine where you can print your photos onto almost anything. Photo books, calendars, canvas and wrapping paper. The lovely people at Fuji Film sent me some wrapping paper and of course I decided to have a tile wrapping paper of instaxes! But you could do anything - even a print you created in photoshop, but photos are great. I just scanned in a selection of polaroids that I had lying around and uploaded them to the website.

So I wrapped these presents in the wrapping paper and paired it with some candy cane striped twine and a instax print!!

So I've also got a free printable for you today. I made this candy cane and word gift tags - I'm loving red and white stripes this christmas, I'm sure you can see the recurring theme!

There are three different types of tags, the words: merry, love and joy.
I've also got two wrapping paper designs for you: triangles and candy cane!

Download it here // Free PDF christmas printable 

My last idea is of course to get crafty!!! Get creative, use paint, stamps, thread, glitter and make it your own. I did a simple gold circle design and also had a go at a triangle stamp. Also a special ribbon is also very pretty!!

I hope these ideas may have sparked an idea! If you do any cool wrapping, I would love to see
Please hashtag your Instagram photos #vanillawrapitup or #vanillacraftblog
x harri

Disclosure: 1. Part of this post is sponsored and all opinions expressed are my own. I was sent an fuji film wrapping paper free of charge in return for a review and feature on vanilla craft blog. Many thanks to Cat @ Fuji Film NZ for sending me the wrapping paper to use. 2. Please do not use these printable for profit in anyway or claim as your own. I offer these printables as a thank you to my readers. All artwork is copyright © 2014 vanilla craft blog. If you would like to share, please link your readers to this post

10 Dec 2014

it's christmas // gold paper wreath

It's christmas time and if you are excited as I am, you must be pretty pumped! The decorations, the presents, the food and finally SUMMER!! Well for me it is anyway!
I'm starting the christmas season with a fine diy paper wreath that looks oh so pretty but elegant in gold.

what you need //
white cardboard (A3 sheet) // gold paper - or paint your own // scissors // double sided tape or glue // pencil

step 1 // trace a donut style circle onto your white cardboard for your base. You can decide how much space you want, but you will have two layers so make it bigger than you would want it.

step 2 // Create a template and trace your leaf shape onto the back of your gold paper

step 3 // cut out your leaf shapes carefully

step 4 // Fold your leaves in half to create a shadow and highlight effect as well as a more realistic and 3D look

step 5 // Create a layer of overlapping leaves around your base using double sided tape

step 6 // You want to be able to create a second layer of leaves in the middle of the first layer and continue to overlap

Now hang your elegant wreath on your bedroom door....I don't suggest outside but enjoy it outside!
see you next week
x harri