5 tips for a successful blog

I'm always asked "how did your blog get so successful" and "how do I get my blog started" so I thought today that I should put together 5 tips that should get you started and get you on your way to having a great and successful blog

1 // take your time
My first tip is it takes time. Blogging takes time! You need to know that you aren't going to have 1000's of followers overnight nor are you going to be happy with your blog first time. I started my blog with a name that I ended up not liking. I started a fresh and made my blog way more successful. But it all takes time. Just plug away at it and keep blogging. When writing your early blog posts, even though maybe no one is reading your blog, write it like the world is reading it

2 // write what YOU love
It's your blog, not anyone else's. If you don't like crafting don't make a craft blog, you don't like fashion then don't do a fashion blog. Slowly (like I said above) find your way and I can promise you, somewhere out in our 7 billion people there will be someone or some few that are interested and love your writing.

3 // quality over quantity
Don't be pressured to blog everyday or every week. Write when you have time. If you aren't going to blog that much, make sure you make good quality posts that keep your readers interested and leave a post for new readers to see a good first impression.

4 // use social media
2014 is the year of social media. Almost everyone has some form of it - so use it to your advantage and make accounts for your blog to advertise it. Post a photo on Instagram when you have a new post and let your twitter followers updated to. Social media definitely grew my readership and I wouldn't be here without it.

5 // get your blog out there
The rest of the bloggosphere is here for you. We all have been in your new position and are so happy to help. Email around and ask for ad swaps, guest posts or just to get to know people. Some of my fellow bloggers are great friends and we go to each other for advice or just a chat away from our normal lives. It's like a whole another world that is so positive.

So sorry that was such a writing heavy post, but I hope these tips might help you and answer some of your questions if you had any
xx harri

79 emails

a few polaroids from my recent adventures
sunny dinners • my bedroom area • wharf jumping • sammy the dog • wharf jumping vol. 2 • selfies • sea kayak • friends

hello everyone!!
I'm home!!!
So I came home last weekend to 79 emails, a few new sponsors (exciting news soon), quite a few comments and six exams to sit....whew, what a week!!

So I went on a month long camp with no technology which was so fun. Loved not having my phone and the addiction! I'll definitely share more about it soon but I just want to go back!! It was the most amazing experience of my life and I am so grateful that I got the opportunity. Every day was different and we had the most amazing adventures in sea kayaking, tramping, land yachting, cooking and living in a house with a bunch of teenagers were some of the highlights.

Anyway just a quick update, new blog posts coming properly now - so many exciting things coming up for the christmas season! How can it be that time already.

Thank you all so much for 900 followers while I was away. Getting close to the big 1K soon!!!

xx harri