16 Apr 2015

create a visual diary // volume two

Do you remember this time last year when I posted this video...still my post popular video/post to date. Well these holidays I felt like making a second version with some difference mediums. Just a bit more creative.

I forgot how much I love making videos, so when I have time I'm going to make them as much as possible!

In this video, I've experimented with some paint. I've used a gouache and some watercolours which were newish for me as well. Though some of my technique I've learnt at school has improved my drawings and painting a lot which is exciting. I've always been pretty afraid of paint so maybe I should use it more.

Please leave a comment if you would like more creative videos!
- harri xx

11 Apr 2015

Cacti + plants // free wallpaper

New wallpaper for you today!

I did this drawing in my sketchbook, which you will see again next week and I scanned it in to make a wallpaper.

Download Cacti + Plants wallpaper here

I usually do all my drawings for this blog on my iPad so it was nice to hand draw it. Plus I got to use some copper paint for the copper highlights on the plant pots.

I hope you enjoy!

- harri xx